June 3, 2009

4-foot snake found in New York home

New York police said they are trying to determine the origins of a yellow rat snake discovered by a 7-year-old in his family's home.

Maria Dominguez said the 4-foot snake was first spotted by her son, Hugo Rodriguez, while it was coiled under the family's living room table, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

The boy's screams roused the rest of the family and Dominguez called police. She said the reptile had slithered into the kitchen after being stuck for a short time on a glue trap for mice.

Police captured the snake using brooms and crates.

The snake was turned over to Animal Care and Control, which identified it as a nonvenomous species native to the southwestern United States.

Investigators said they are trying to determine whether the snake was a pet that escaped or was set free.