June 4, 2009

Sun-only bathing suits sell for up to $3K

New York based bathing suit label Rosa Cha Atelier's said a line of expensive bikinis are selling quickly despite the fact that they can't get wet.

Christina Delice, manager of the Rosa Cha store in New York, said the store has already sold out of a $1,200 leather bathing suit and a $1,900 caftan but a $3,200 one-piece featuring Swarovski crystals and a $1,200 crystal bikini from this year's collection are still available, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Delice said the bathing suits, which are for sunbathing only, are geared toward women with several homes who frequent the Brazilian bathing-suit outpost in the city's SoHo neighborhood.

The people that buy the pieces are people who, well, can definitely afford these kinds of items, she said. And they understand fashion. It's what they breathe, what they wear and how they live.

They are taken aback when they see that we have such beautiful items. And they really appreciate the limited quantity, Delice said.