June 5, 2009

Police: Break-in led to pot bust

Police in Matteson, Ill., said a break-in at a couple's second home led to the discovery of nearly 500 pounds of marijuana hidden in the garage.

Investigators said Evlicia Jackson-Long, 30, and Roy Long, 32, lived with their three children in Matteson, but they owned another house in the town that they allegedly used to store massive amounts of cannabis for their alleged marijuana packaging business, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday.

Police said a neighbor of the marijuana storage house dialed 911 May 1 after seeing two men break into the garage and police arrived to see two men fleeing in a Buick LaSabre, leaving behind a gallon-sized bag of marijuana between the door and storm door of the garage.

The men in the car, Antoinne Kelly, 29, of University Park, Ill., and Anthony Morris, 41, of Chicago Heights, Ill., were pulled over and charged with felony possession of marijuana after about 237 pounds of the drug was found in their car.

An additional 235 pounds of marijuana was found in the couple's garage, along with digital scales, a marijuana cutting machine, empty cardboard boxes and packaging tape.

Long and Jackson-Long were charged with felony possession of marijuana and distribution of marijuana.

Police described the operation as the largest pot bust in the history of Matteson.