June 5, 2009

Power surge blamed on fire ants

A power company blamed a power surge that damaged appliances in several local homes on fire ants that built a nest inside a transformer.

The company, Oncor, denied responsibility for the damaged appliances and said affected customers in Carrollton should have been using surge protectors, WFFA-TV, Dallas, reported Friday.

It's not a good thing to have to replace items that can be expensive, but we cannot control wildlife, company spokeswoman Megan Wright said. This is an act of God.

However, John Meadows, one of 10 homeowners affected by the surge, said his house has surge protection but he still had to spend $1,200 to fix his dishwasher and replace his microwave and garage door.

Another neighbor, Don Davis, said the surge cost him $2,000 in equipment and he wants Oncor to pay.

This was something beyond our control. This was their control, he said.

Both Davis and Meadows said they are discussing the matter with an attorney and plan to file complaints with the Public Utility Commission.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia