June 5, 2009

Wind involved in airport sign costs

The price tag of more than $1 million for signs to Minnesota airports is based in part on the strong winds blowing through the state, an official says.

Minnesota Department of Transportation official Tom Merritt said engineers who coordinate the installation of signs on support posts and on overpasses typically use a wind map to properly secure the directional items, the Star Tribune newspaper of Minnesota said Friday.

Such precautionary efforts are necessary given that Minnesota sits in a 90-mph zone that can cause extreme stress on stationary objects.

For those reasons, installing a sign on a support post typically costs $30,000, while multiple signs on an over-the-roadway structure can run up to $100,000.

Currently, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission is planning on installing 40 signs to help guide travelers to Minnesota airports. The price tag for the effort is expected to exceed $1 million, the Star Tribune said.

Give me a bucket of white paint and a brush! an unidentified startribune.com reader said of the plan. I'll make the new signs and I'll only charge $500k!