June 6, 2009

‘Hooker For Jesus’ marries rock musician

Hooker For Jesus Annie Lobert and Oz Fox of the Christian heavy metal band Stryper have gotten married in Las Vegas in a webcasted ceremony.

Lobert, 41, who says she found Jesus after working for 11 years as a highly paid call girl, wore a strapless white gown Friday as she wed Fox, 47, the longtime lead guitarist for Stryper, CNN reported.

Lobert founded Hookers for Jesus, which she describes as an international, faith-based organization that addresses the realities of human sex trafficking, sexual violence and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry, the U.S. broadcaster said.

She has told interviewers that she gave up prostitution after overdosing on cocaine and now spends much of her time on Las Vegas streets handing out Bibles to prostitutes and urging them to reform their ways.