June 7, 2009

Bike-riding rooster results in city fine

A man in Miami Beach, Fla., says he's being fined $50 for keeping Mr. Clucky, a bike-riding rooster known among the city's residents, in violation of city code.

Mark Buckley, who keeps Mr. Clucky in his apartment, said a code enforcement officer came to his home May 27 to hand-deliver the citation for illegally keeping farm animals, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

He said, 'Don't shoot the messenger. I love Mr. Clucky,' Buckley said of the officer.

The citation requires Buckley to find a legal home for Mr. Clucky and the bird's black hen companion within 10 days time.

But Buckley, a 54-year-old construction worker, told the Herald he doesn't intend to capitulate to the demands, which can be appealed.

''What are they going to do?" Buckley said.

The Herald said Buckley and Mr. Clucky have earned notoriety in Miami Beach for the bike rides they take together with the rooster perched on the bicycle's handlebars.