June 8, 2009

British boy finds seven-leaf clover

A British 9-year-old said he discovered a seven-leaf clover while hunting for the four-leaf variety with his father in a nature reserve.

Alastair Barnes said he was walking in the Coombe Bassett nature reserve, near Salisbury, England, when he came upon the seven-leaf clover, a variety experts said are even more rare than the traditionally lucky four-leaf clovers, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

I was really hoping to find a four-leaf clover when I spotted one with seven leaves, the young boy said. I was amazed and I immediately shouted to my dad: 'Daddy daddy, I've found a seven-leaf clover.'

He didn't believe me at first but then he came over and had a look for himself, Alastair said. I picked it and took it home. It was amazing to find something so rare -- I was so happy.

The boy said he is keeping the clover in a book to keep it safe.