June 8, 2009

Baby born at side of highway

Firefighters in Omaha said a baby born at the side of Interstate 80 in the Monday morning commuter hours was dubbed The Rush Hour Baby.

The firefighters said Patricia and Juan Salas, who have five previous children, were on their way to Bergan Mercy Medical Center Monday morning when the impatient baby decided it was time to emerge, KETV, Omaha, reported Monday.

It was no surprise, not their first rodeo, firefighter Brad Philippi said. They've done this before -- obviously not in a vehicle on the side of the road.

Another firefighter, Todd Tevelde, said the baby boy was blue-skinned when they arrived on the scene, but he pinked up after his airways were opened and an oxygen mask was placed over his head.

It wasn't as big of deal as I thought it would be, but I'll let the docs do it next time, said firefighter Brian Jones.

Jones said the family was sent along to the hospital after they told the firefighters the new baby's name. They named it Brian, Jones said.