June 10, 2009

Stowaway black widow spider found in Wales

A Welsh couple returning home from a five-year stay in North America said they discovered a black widow spider stowing away in a garden hose.

Mike Newman, 53, said he and his wife, Trish, has just returned from San Francisco when a mover helping them unpack at their Kinnerton house found the venomous spider and a sack of its eggs in a hose they brought back from the United States, WalesOnline.com reported Thursday.

The woman from the removal firm was very calm to be fair, Newman said. I had wrapped the hose pipe before we left America and I probably would have taken more care had I known what was lurking inside.

Newman said the luggage containing the spider had spent a month on a container ship before arriving at their home.

During our time in the U.S. we'd never seen a black widow, although living there for some time we had made ourselves aware of what one looked like, he said. We knew straight away it was a black widow.

Newman said he and his wife caught the spider in a jam jar and took it to Peter Heathcote, an exotic pets specialist with Budget Vets, the arachnid's new home.