June 11, 2009

Mass. eatery reveling over rare lobster

The owner of Arnold's Lobster and Clam Bar in Eastham, Mass., says he is excited to count a rare orange-and-yellow lobster among the site's residents.

Arnold's owner Nathan Nick Nickerson said the 7-pound lobster named Fiona has made itself at home in his eatery's lobster tank since he received the crustacean as a gift from a friend, The Boston Globe said Thursday.

The spotted lobster was caught within the last few weeks off the coast of Canada's Prince Edward Island and at least one expert said the traits make it a rare catch.

The odds of catching them (yellows) as they move around the bottom are like the odds of going out into a football field and finding a dime that someone lost 80 years ago, said David J. Casoni, Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association secretary-treasurer. The blue lobster is still rare, but we get them more often.

Nickerson recognizes the Fiona's rare nature and assured the Globe the lobster would not end up on a customer's plate anytime soon.

Gosh no! he said. That would be like steaming a Rembrandt.