June 12, 2009

Artist enraged by theft of chainsaws

An artist in Des Moines, Iowa, who makes sculptures with chainsaws says he is enraged over the theft of eight of his dangerous tools.

Chainsaw artist Ken Tynan said he discovered last weekend that eight of his most powerful chainsaws were stolen from his shop, leaving him with angry emotions akin to the comic book character the Incredible Hulk, the Des Moines (Iowa) Register said Friday.

I can't carve today. We're losing thousands of dollars, Tynan told the Register in a recent interview. Inside, I am the Hulk. I feel his anger. Especially today.

To find the individual responsible for the theft of the chainsaws, Tynan has offered a $500 reward for information that helps locate the thief and his missing tools.

While Tynan's reward seeks the conviction of the chainsaw thief, the artist has another form of retribution on his mind as well.

I just want to head butt the person, he told the Register. Just one head butt.