June 14, 2009

Woman delayed in cab after finding money

A Lisle, Ill., woman who found $5,000 in the back seat of a Chicago taxi says the driver began running up the fare once she told him what she'd found.

He wouldn't let me out of the car, Ginny Narsete told the Chicago Sun-Times in a story published Sunday.

Narsete, 57, was taking the cab to the train station in Chicago Thursday night when she noticed a bag with the logo of La Bamba, a Mexican restaurant with 19 locations, including one in downtown Chicago. Inside the bag, was a deposit slip and $5,000 in cash, she told the Sun-Times.

Narsete told the driver to take her to a police station so she could drop off the money. The driver, however, just kept driving while insisting the money should be left at a cab stand.

Narsete called her husband, who yelled at the driver and threatened to call 911 if the driver did not immediately drive to the police station, the Sun-Times said. At the station, the police determined the bag had been forgotten by a restaurant manager, said Ramiro Aguas, co-owner of the restaurant chain.

It was very nice of her to bring that money back, Aguas said.

As for the cab driver, he took Narsete's last $20 for his fare and disappeared, leaving police to get her to the train station.