June 16, 2009

Young calf rescued from well

Authorities in Florida said paramedics and veterinarians rescued a 3-month-old calf that fell down a 12-foot-deep well.

Marion County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Peveeta Persaud said Thomas Wesley Harrell went to feed his cows early Monday morning when he discovered the female calf had fallen down the well, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Tuesday.

Daniel Jodoin, a paramedic with the Marion County Fire Rescue, was the first to be lowered into the well to examine the animal and report on the size of the well's opening, Persaud said.

She said Dr. Roger Clemmons, a veterinarian from the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine was then lowered into the well on an A-frame constructed by the firefighters and sedated the calf.

The firefighters and veterinarians then pulled the calf, hind legs first, from the hole, Persaud said.

Authorities said the calf may have spent up to 24 hours in the well, but she did not appear to have suffered any major injuries and was reunited with her mother.