June 16, 2009

Mayor stands by unpaved driveway tickets

The mayor of an Ohio city where people were ticketed for parking in their own unpaved driveways defended the move as a law enforcement measure.

Numerous Toledo residents living along Holland-Sylvania Rd. said they received $25 tickets for parking on an unpaved surface -- their own driveways, WTVG-TV, Toledo, Ohio, reported Tuesday.

I just can't reach into my magic box of tricks and get 5 or 6 grand to pave my driveway, said resident Charles Robertson, who received one of the tickets.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said Sue Frederick, the town's streets, bridges and harbor commissioner, was only enforcing the law when she decided to ticket cars in gravel driveways.

She wouldn't have written tickets unless she thought she would be vindicated in writing it, he said.

Toledo has a law on the books prohibiting parking on any unpaved surfaces, regardless of location.

However, City Councilman D. Michael Collins said he is trying to get the tickets rescinded.

I want this irresponsible activity by city employees going into neighborhoods and just doing something by fiat, it has to stop, he said.