June 17, 2009

355-ton ferries on Craigslist Vancouver

Two used 355-ton ferry boats are for sale on the Craigslist Internet sales site by a western Canadian company whose services are being replaced by a bridge.

The two TransLink ships have traversing the Fraser River west of Vancouver, British Columbia, between Maple Ridge and Fort Langley every day since 1985, but a new six-lane bridge opened Tuesday making for a quicker trip, the Globe and Mail reported.

The Craigslist Vancouver site lists the ships as 155-feet long car and passenger ferries whose hulls and cabins are in very good condition.

The asking price is $1.1 million each, the report said.

Gary Harlow, broker at Harlow Marine International Inc., said he is also advertising the ships in more traditional ways, but thought the online posting would garner more attention.

It gets conversation going and brings more people to the table, he said.

Harlow said it's not unusual for such ships to end up carrying freight or being turned into floating fishing lodges, the Globe said.