June 17, 2009

Girl claims tattoo artist went too far

A Belgian man is demanding damages from a tattoo parlor after his daughter allegedly went in, asked for three stars on her face and wound up with 56 tattoos.

Kimberley Vlaminck, 18, said her father, Diego, gave her money to get three stars tattooed near her eye to uphold a family tradition of body art, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

My father wanted to pay because in our family everyone has a tattoo, she said.

Vlaminck said she fell asleep at The Tattoo Box in Courtrai and woke up with her face covered in nightmare tattoos.

When he started to tattoo me, I did not feel pain and I fell asleep. I awoke as he tattooed me on the nose and I saw what he had done. I counted 56 stars, she said. I cannot go out on to the street, I am so embarrassed. I just look ugly, a freak, mutilated.

Vlaminck's father is demanding $15,000 from The Tattoo Box to pay for laser tattoo removal surgery.

However, tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz denied any wrongdoing and said he is still seeking the $70 payment for the tattoos.

She was awake all the time. I did not hypnotize or dope her, as they say, it was with agreement. No way could I have tattooed so many stars on her face against her will, he said.