June 17, 2009

Man: Why did it have to be snakes?

A North Carolina man whose fear of snakes may rival that of Indiana Jones said he was awakened by his greatest terror: a 4-foot reptile in his bathroom.

Doug Bodiak of Winston-Salem said he flipped on the light after hearing a loud thump Tuesday morning and saw a roll of toilet paper on the floor, WXII-TV, Winston-Salem, reported Wednesday.

Bodiak said he investigated further and what he saw next made his heart stop: a 4-foot long snake slithering on his toilet.

The Carolina Woods Apartments resident said he swiftly called 911 and soon animal control officers and maintenance workers were tearing through his bathroom wall to figure out where the snake had gone.

David Caldwell, a spokesman for the apartment house, said the snake was eventually found inside the wall Tuesday afternoon and identified as a pet ball python. He said authorities are trying to locate the owner.

Bodiak said he believes the snake may have been responsible for previous knocked-over items in his bathroom and he is refusing to return until he is convinced there are no more creatures slithering in the shadows.