June 18, 2009

Man warned about rooster wake-ups

Residents of an English town have complained to officials a neighbor's rooster has been waking them up daily at 4 a.m.

Edward Vandyck, environmental health officer for the New Forest District Council, said Marchwood resident Paul Wilton, 51, has been warned he could face a fine of $8,000 if he does not quiet Rocky the rooster's early morning calls, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

He has been advised to leave his birds in their darkened shed until later in the morning to stop Rocky's 4 a.m. morning call, Vandyck said of Wilton, who also owns about 45 chickens.

Diary forms have been sent to complainants and if the alleged disturbance continues, officers will take further action, Vandyck said. "Should the council assess the noise disturbance as one causing statutory noise nuisance, then the council has a duty to serve an abatement notice.

Contravention of such a notice could then result in prosecution in the magistrates' court, he said.