June 18, 2009

Boston using golf carts to patrol streets

Transportation officials say the use of golf carts by Boston parking regulation enforcers is a more visible and efficient means to patrol the city's streets.

City Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin said by equipping golf carts with flashing yellow lights, city officials have created a very noticeable alternative to traditional parking enforcement efforts, The Boston Globe said Thursday.

That's not our goal, to increase parking tickets,'' Tinlin said of the new use of the golf carts. We still have our walking beats and our vans. But this allows us to cover more ground. It allows us to be more visible out in the street.''

But at least one Boston resident appeared to disagree with Tinlin's stance the golf carts would not lead to additional parking tickets being handed out to residents.

"Tell them we hate them,'' unemployed carpenter John Whooley, 41, told the Globe.

"We hate them because they are giving out tickets. That's a very bad thing.''