June 18, 2009

Bear drops by for dog food snack

A Colorado couple said a bear entered their house through a dog door, ignored their barking pooch and ate all of his dog food before leaving.

Brenda Freeman said she and her husband heard their dog make a strange noise at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday at their Granby-area home and they opened the door to their mudroom to find a bear standing two feet away from Freeman's husband, the Sky-Hi Daily News of Granby reported Thursday.

Freeman said she and her husband quickly locked the bear alone in the mud room and watched its movements as it explored the room and ignored the barking of their 2-year-old dog, Aniden. They said the bear did not cause much damage to the room, but it left paw prints on windows, de-potted a few plants and ate all of Aniden's food before exiting through the dog door.

The couple said the bear was in their home for about 10 minutes.

He was very graceful, very calm, she said. The bear didn't seem to care about the dog barking.