June 18, 2009

Couple told to clean up or else

The city of Anchorage has told a couple in the Bear Valley neighborhood to clean the junk out of their yard or it will be done for them.

David and Jane Szabo face a hefty bill if they do not meet the latest deadline, the Anchorage Daily News reported. Officials have told them they will get a break on fines if they clear the yard by next Tuesday, but if they don't they could be stuck with the full amount, $226,000, plus thousands more for the cleanup.

The yard holds at least 10 vehicles, the newspaper said, along with cement-mixing machinery, gym lockers, pallets and stashes of glass, plywood and wire. A dog was chained to an SUV.

Officials said the city has been trying to get the Szabos to remove the junk since 2002.

Leonard Stanley, who lives across the street, said he tried to talk to David Szabo years ago to let him know neighbors did not like the mess.

He says 'This is my property. I can do anything I want.' And I didn't bother from then on, Stanley told the newspaper. And he's a nice guy. Believe it or not, I like him. But I don't have to like that.