June 21, 2009

Woman facing eviction for Easter decor

An attorney for a 59-year-old woman says his client should not be forced to leave her apartment in Boulder County, Colo., because of Easter decorations.

Attorney John Pineau, who is representing Carol Burdick, said his client's decision to keep Easter decorations on her apartment door 15 days after the holiday ended should be protected as a religious statement, Boulder's Daily Camera reported Saturday.

You can't evict somebody for Easter bunny decorations, Pineau said. An Easter decoration is a religious statement and should be protected -- even if it is just bunnies.

Pineau said his client was informed by her landlord several days after Easter that her door decorations, which included Peep marshmallow candies and bunny stickers, needed to be removed.

After Burdick refused, apartment managers posted a notice outlining a lease provision mandating residents keep their living areas clean and sanitary, the attorney said.

They're calling her decorations garbage, Pineau alleged.

Pineau told the Daily Camera his client, who will be in Boulder County Court Wednesday, was supported in her efforts by many of her neighbors.