June 23, 2009

Wolf statues quickly stolen

The 27 painted wolf statues in Abington, Va., are an endangered species after two were stolen soon after they were placed throughout town, police say.

Police and local officials said the wolf statues were noticed missing from outside of the Barter Theatre and a downtown business Monday, only two days after they had been installed,

The wolves were decorated by local artists, with themes including flags, eagles, butterflies, tuxedos and polka dots. They also have names such as Hollywolf Incognito and Earth, Wind and Flowers. The statues are to be on display until October when they will be auctioned off to benefit Advance Abingdon, the town's Main Street organization.

Some number of people (who stole the statues) have managed to spoil what's probably one of the greatest things that's happened in Abingdon in a long time, said Gary Kimbrell, the president of Advance Abingdon who championed the wolf statuary.

Kimbrell said the city will not press charges if the missing wolves are returned voluntarily.

If they'll bring them back and put them at Town Hall, put them back where they were, we'll let them go, he said. Something that should be a great day for Abingdon has ended up being a sad day because of what they've done.

Police said they have no suspects but officers are keeping wary eyes on the remaining wolves.