June 24, 2009

Koala offers Twitter updates to zoo fans

A Lowry Park Zoo worker speaking on behalf of the Tampa, Fla., site's new koala says on Twitter the animal enjoyed an exciting voyage to its new home.

The unidentified zookeeper offered Twitter updates on behalf of Bundaleer the koala as the animal traveled from the San Diego Zoo to Tampa Tuesday, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times said.

G'Day mates! Bundaleer the koala here. We're off to the airport and on our way to Tampa, FL, the zookeeper said through the social networking service.

American Airlines has customized cushions -- just like me!

Zoo spokeswoman Rachel Nelson said the Australian koala was loaned to the Lowry Park Zoo and traveled to its new home with three zookeepers.

Nelson told The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune that the 10-year-old animal will have a few days to acclimate to its new surroundings in seclusion before making its first public appearance next Monday.

Then we will cut a little ribbon, and the public will get their first look at him, the zoo official said of Bundaleer's upcoming appearance.