June 24, 2009

Mayor wants non-resident dogs out of park

The deputy mayor of a small southwestern Ontario town wants a police crackdown on non-resident dogs using the town's new off-leash dog park.

Tom Burton persuaded the town council of Tecumseh that too many people from elsewhere in the county were using the fenced facility and weren't paying for it, the Windsor Star reported.

He proposed a motion asking the Ontario Provincial Police to ticket dog owners for trespassing if they were using the park and their dogs weren't wearing a Tecumseh dog tag. The council passed the resolution with some uncertainty, the report said.

One town official said he doubted the provincial police would be willing to dedicate much time or manpower to enforcing the ordinance. After the vote, Mayor Gary McNamara said he wasn't sure if the town even had such authority, the Star said.

The new dog park is temporary and a new permanent one slated to cost $100,000 will be built elsewhere at a future date, the report said.