June 24, 2009

Police toss TGIFriday’s snake head

New York State Police said they are not hanging on to a disembodied snake's head that is at the center of a product tampering case.

They took the lab report analyzing it instead, Trooper Maureen Tuffey told the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union. If someone does come forward in the future, the lab report will still be available and will be considered viable evidence that it did exist at one time.

The snake head made national headlines when a patron at a Clifton Park, N.Y., TGIFriday's restaurant claimed to have found the item among the broccoli he was served. However, the restaurant said it was asking authorities to investigate possible product tampering after lab tests found the head was not cooked with the broccoli.

Tuffey said police have ended the investigation with no charges.

At this point, the case is closed, she said.