June 24, 2009

‘Potentially dangerous’ cat returns home

Minneapolis animal control authorities said a cat that has twice been impounded for attacking dogs is one of only two felines labeled potentially dangerous.

Dan Niziolek, manager of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, said Hoppy the cat, was returned to its home Tuesday after it was impounded for the second time in two years for attacking passing people and dogs, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Wednesday.

Niziolek said Hoppy is one of only two cats considered by the city to be potentially dangerous, while there are about 140 dogs with the label on their records.

Hoppy had been scheduled to be euthanized by the city in 2007 after attacking a dog owner passing his home, but the ruling was overturned on an appeal by the cat's owner, Leo Noltimier, 82.

The Star Tribune said calls to Noltimier's home were not answered Tuesday.