June 25, 2009

Worker gave dropped ring to wrong person

Authorities said a Commack, N.Y., Target employee who witnessed a customer drop a $19,000 diamond ring mistakenly handed it to the wrong person.

Police said the ring slipped off the 42-year-old woman's finger while she was at the store May 6 and the employee ran out into the parking lot to find her, the New York Post reported Thursday.

However, he did not actually find the ring's owner, but a woman in a similar hairstyle and coat who claimed the ring as hers after the employee showed it to her and asked if she had dropped it.

Police said the woman used cash to pay for her purchases at the store so they are trying to identify her via security camera footage.

The true owner of the ring said it had been a 10th anniversary gift from her husband.

The ring meant a lot to me, she said. My husband worked hard to buy me that ring. No matter what the circumstances, it's not hers. The insurance company paid me, but I don't want the money. I want the ring back.