June 26, 2009

Canada’s high court OKs parking meter suit

Canada's Supreme Court has agreed to hear a Toronto woman's $26 million class action suit against the city for fining her for not paying a frozen parking meter.

Attorney Ken Arenson said his client was given a $30 ticket in Toronto for not displaying a parking ticket on her dashboard in the winter of 2007-08. The woman said the ticket machine was frozen and wouldn't accept money and she challenged the ticket.

The city stood firm, so Arenson took it to the country's highest court in Ottawa, which agreed Thursday to hear the case.

City officials have said the case should have been heard in an Ontario provincial court, but will now be heard at the federal level, the Toronto Sun reported.

Arenson said he came to the $26 million figure based on estimates that as many as 112,500 people received similar tickets since 1998.

He said if his client -- who happens to be his ex-wife -- wins the case, the award would likely go to a local university's urban planning department to study the city's parking problems and how to solve them, the newspaper said.