June 26, 2009

Secretary charged with grade changing

Pennsylvania authorities said a high school secretary in Huntingdon has been charged with using school computers to change her daughter's grades.

State Attorney General Tom Corbett said Caroline McNeal, 39, a secretary at the 800-student Huntingdon Area High School, has been charged with giving boosts to her daughter's grades on at least 193 occasions and lowering the grades of two other girls to improve her daughter's class standing, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Friday.

McNeal, who was fired from the school, was charged with 29 felony counts of unlawful use of a computer and 29 felony counts of tampering with public records.

Tampering with official records for personal or family gain is a serious violation of the public trust. Our citizens depend on people in public positions, including school employees, to protect the safety and security of these records and not use confidential information for their own benefit, Corbett said.