June 29, 2009

Dead man gets 2nd jury duty summons

The North Carolina family of a man who died in 1995 said the deceased has received his second post-mortem jury duty summons.

Robin Lecin said a jury duty notice for her father, Irving Lecin, arrived Friday at her Greensboro home, which belonged to the patriarch before his death, the Greensboro News & Record reported Monday.

Sue Polinsky, another of Lecin's daughters, said she and her sister tried to have her father's name purged from the jury rolls after he was summoned for duty two weeks after his death, but the attempt apparently was unsuccessful.

And they spelled his name wrong, Polinsky said of the latest summons.

The sisters said they plan to visit the courthouse in person to make sure officials understand that their father is dead. Polinsky said she knows how her father would react to the situation.

My father was an old New Yorker, Polinsky said. He would've shook his head from side to side, he would've said something about his tax money and then he would've poured himself a bourbon. ... He was a funny guy.