June 30, 2009

City’s barbecue rules rile residents

Residents of Highland Park, Mich., said a new set of stringent barbecuing regulations taking effect just in time for July Fourth are unlikely to be followed.

The City Council's barbecue ordinance, which passed June 15 and took effect Tuesday, states: Placement of any barbecue cooking or equipment ... in the front of a dwelling, on a front porch, or on the side of a dwelling shall not be permitted in the city, The Detroit News reported Tuesday.

For a corner dwelling or building, any barbecue equipment must be 12 feet away from a public right of way, the ordinance reads. The document also bans using barbecue equipment in fenced yards that are within 20 feet of a public right of way.

The ordinance states that violations could result in 90-day jail sentences and/or a $500 fine.

They do this just before the Fourth of July? That's crazy, resident Charlie Collins, 57, said of the new rules.

Another resident, Deborah Toliver, 57, said she does not believe people will pay much attention to the ordinance.

People are not going to stop barbecuing in Highland Park -- trust me, she said.