July 1, 2009

Vultures take over Fla. couple’s yard

A Florida couple said a flock of about 50 vultures that descended on their yard has grown accustomed to their pit bulls and refuses to leave.

Robert and Hattie Garrett said the vultures, which began roosting in trees in their Kingsland yard in January, are difficult to scare, the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Wednesday.

They will fly up in the trees, but it's as far as they go, Robert Garrett said. If you didn't know better, you'd think we have a buzzard ranch.

He said his two pit bulls have given up on trying to chase the birds away and he has spotted the vultures drinking from the dogs' water dish.

I guess they got tired of fussing and fighting with them, he said of the dogs. It's like the birds belong there. I guess they got used to the barking.

The couple said they are turning to the National Wildlife Research Center for advice on how to get rid of the vultures.