July 2, 2009

Search on for woman owed $360,000

A Canadian newspaper in Vancouver is hunting for a woman who lived in a bad part of town and who is entitled to a $360,000 family inheritance.

The Vancouver Sun was asked by a Toronto lawyer representing a German bank to locate Lucia Leiser, whose father died 10 years ago.

The lawyer found a 2007 Sun article quoting a woman named Lucia Leiser-Maika along with a photo of her. At the time, she was living in a hotel in Vancouver's impoverished and crime-ridden east side.

This week, Sun employees canvassed the area with the photograph of the woman wearing a distinctive floral lei. The woman being sought was born to a German father and a Fijian mother, the report said.

Of residents asked on the streets, some said they hadn't seen the woman for about two years, while others said they had seen her recently.

The manager of the hotel where the woman in the newspaper lived said she had been evicted in 2007 for writing on the walls and exhibiting other unstable behavior, the Sun said.