July 2, 2009

Car hit by mystery sheet metal from sky

Insurance won't fully cover a Canadian woman's replacement windshield in Winnipeg because no one knows from where the sheet metal that fell on it came.

Winnipeg Sun employee Tanya Slusarczyk was reading in her parked car during the weekend as she waited for her boyfriend to finish work on a rainy and windy day.

She told the Sun she was startled when a saucer-shaped, 3-foot sheet of metal suddenly slammed onto her windshield and bounced onto the street.

She retrieved the metal and contacted the owners of the building she was parked beside, but was told it wasn't part of their building.

Because its source can't be traced, the provincial car insurance agency likely won't cover Slusarczyk's deductible for a replacement windshield, the report said.

Regardless, she said there was a silver lining to the mishap.

If it would have hit a person -- oh my God, she said.