July 5, 2009

Man’s beer change includes rare coin

A 38-year-old man says he has received offers of up to $815 for a rare coin he was given as his change for a drink purchase at a British pub.

Lloyd Hefferman told The Sunday Telegraph he discovered he was given a 20-pence coin missing a date when he recently purchased a pint at The Botolph Arms pub in Peterborough.

I had heard about the rare 20-pence pieces on the news that day, and was talking with my mates about how brilliant it would be to find one, Hefferman said.

When I was given my change I thought I would have a look to see if I had one, not expecting to find it and then I just couldn't believe my eyes.

The coins created by the Royal Mint feature a new design where the date traditionally is found and that design is mismatched with the other side's old design.

The Telegraph said 200,000 of the coins have entered circulation and one has already been sold online for nearly $11,600.