July 6, 2009

Oh baby, check out the gourmet grub!

Award-winning chefs in Britain are creating tempting tasty treats for toddlers who they say may want something more than strained peas and peaches.

Michelin award winner Luke Tipping, executive chef of Simpsons in Birmingham, and Aktar Islam, Laslan's British Curry Award-winner, are whipping up dishes for the definitely way-younger set, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

There's nothing wrong with a baby eating a fresh meal, I would rather they did that than give them the usual processed stuff that's out there, Tipping said, adding a portion of his dill-seasoned cheddar cheese fish pie would cost about $1.60, less than some jarred baby food on the market.

It is all about using quality ingredients that are all fresh, he said. We want to encourage children into restaurants as much as possible.

Islam created summer berry shirkhand -- a type of pudding -- for the toddlers and spicy tomato with cumin-scented rice service with grilled summer vegetables for schoolchildren.

People are trying to produce some more interesting stuff than just mush and veg but it would be nice to see some more, Islam told the Telegraph.