July 7, 2009

Man finds glass in his shaving cut

A British man says he cut himself shaving and discovered what he had believed was a cyst was a shard from a windshield.

Thomas Entwistle of Asltey Bridge, Bolton, England, told The Daily Telegraph he was thrown through the windshield of a Ford Cortina about 30 years ago, but didn't associate the accident with the small lump on his chin.

He nicked the lump while shaving a couple of weeks ago and it became infected, then he noticed it moved slightly down his chin. The 52-year-old was on antibiotics and scheduled for a blood test when he cut it again on July 4 and felt a hard object, the newspaper said. Using a wet wipe, he squeezed the lump and found a piece of glass about one-third inch square.

Entwistle realized it had to be from the Cortina's windshield from a head-on crash when he was 22-year old. He woke up in the Royal Blackburn Hospital where "they patched me up and sent me on my way.