July 8, 2009

British millionaire finishes 65-foot folly

An English millionaire said construction is complete on the 65-foot-tall folly on his 1,700-acre Rushmore Estate.

William Gronow-Davis said he spent tens of thousands of dollars constructing the Indian Mogul-style structure, which serves no practical purpose, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Gronow-Davis said the folly finishes off his garden and adds to the vista from the drawing room of his mansion, which is located a mile away from the structure.

Telecom provider O2 had originally struck a deal to incorporate five mobile phone masts on the structure's design, but Gronow-Davis said he decided to go ahead with the project even after O2 dropped out.

However, the folly features five copper domes on its top that can later be used to install telecom equipment.

The telephone company was going to pay for it but that all fell through, Gronow-Davis said. By that time I decided I wanted the folly and so I paid for it. I would say that 99 percent of the feedback I have had has been positive. Natural England has said it enhances the landscape.