July 10, 2009

iPod suspected in Sweden Saab fire

A Swedish Saab dealer says an iPod nano is a prime suspect in a fire that engulfed a parked car in the western part of the country.

Saab Automobile's fire investigators said the engine of the car, a Saab 9-3 station wagon that was purchased new two years ago, was cold when the automobile caught fire and was quickly destroyed by the flames, The Local reported Friday.

The investigators said they determined the fire was not deliberately set and the fire was likely caused by a technical malfunction or negligence. They said the fire began in the front seats of the car, which at the time of the blaze contained two iPods, a cell phone and a camera.

Technicians discovered heat damage on the interior of the music player. They suspect the damage was likely caused by overheated electronics, Saab dealer Bengt-Erik Johansson said.

However, Saab officials stopped short of saying the fire was caused by one of the music players.

There was electronic equipment in the car's middle console. We have examined it, Saab spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs told Swedish news agency TT. There were signs of interior heat damage in it. But that doesn't necessarily mean the fire was caused by it.

The owner of the car said the remains of the iPod nano have been sent to manufacturer Apple for examination.