July 11, 2009

Man’s funny bone unhurt in fox attack

A 60-year-old man in Boca Raton, Fla., says he can find humor in being attacked by a rabid fox despite facing a month of painful shots.

Stephen Guleff said while he may be a Vietnam War veteran, the recent attack by the overly aggressive fox in South Beach Park left him screaming for help, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel said Friday.

I was screaming like a woman, Guleff joked about Thursday's attack. "I could have put that on YouTube.

It wasn't like it was looking for food. It was looking for revenge or something.

He said the Florida State Laboratory later determined the fox was rabid.

Guleff told the Sun-Sentinel he found it easier to accept the incident when he considered who else the fox, which was blamed for attacking two other people the same day, could have attacked.

I'm actually grateful that it happened to me and not a little child, he said of the animal, which was killed by one of its other victims.