July 11, 2009

British tourists have distant friends

European hoteliers rate British tourists as their worst guests, while those on other continents find them polite and generous, a travel Web site says.

Expedia released its annual survey of 4,500 hoteliers Friday. They rated the Japanese as the top guests, valued for their politeness and cleanliness and described as quiet and unlikely to complain.

Worldwide, the British were in the second spot, followed by Canadians, Germans and Swiss. The French placed at the bottom among 27 nationalities.

European hotel-owners, however, described the British as rude and messy whiners who leave meager tips.

U.S. travelers were in the No. 8 position, with a reputation for generous tips but also loudness.

Generally, tourists from Mediterranean countries have a bad reputation. Turks and Greeks tied for the 24th spot, while Spain followed at No. 26.