July 13, 2009

Disliked Canadian sculpture disappears

No one really loved the fiberglass sculpture in front of the hospital in Caraquet, New Brunswick, and now it's disappeared, the Canadian town's mayor says.

The artwork, which resembled a starfish laying on its side, actually represented a fetus. It been displayed outside the hospital for 15 years until it vanished last week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.

The town's mayor says he has asked officials at Hopital de l'Enfant Jesus whether they had ordered the sculpture be taken down.

Well, nobody loved it, Caraquet Mayor Antoine Landry said. Unfortunately, nobody liked this type of sculpture in front of the hospital.

Apparently not all the locals hated l'etoile de mer, or the starfish, as residents nicknamed it.

I think it's a work that deserves to be seen again and should be displayed somewhere else in Caraquet, said one man who did not give his name, the CBC reported.