July 13, 2009

Ohio woman logs 500 rides on coaster

Ohio's self-proclaimed Roller Coaster Mama has become the first to log 500 rides on the Diamondback coaster at Kings Island in the city of Mason.

Darlene Bell, 52, of Dayton, marked the 500-ride milestone Saturday and by Sunday her total had risen to 522 rides on the roller coaster in 29 visits to the park, the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News reported Monday.

Bell, who said she has been a regular at Kings Island since it opened in 1972, said her eventual goal is to ride the Diamondback a total 1,000 times.

The mother of two grown sons said she became a roller coaster addict at age 13.

They relax me. And the speed -- I like the speed, Bell said of her favorite rides. She said the Diamondback, which opened to the public April 18, has good air time.

When your booty leaves the seat, that's air time, she said. Air time is good for us roller coaster enthusiasts. The more air time, the better the ride.