July 14, 2009

Indiana teens take down alligator

A pair of Indiana teenagers spending the day fishing along the Iroquois River brought home an unexpected catch -- a 6-foot-long alligator.

Zach Ramsey, 17, and Casey Sonaty, 14, of rural Newton County said they were fishing and frog spearing near Rensselaer in Jasper County when they spotted the 150-pound reptile under the water, the Rensselaer Republican reported Tuesday.

The boys said they shot the gator with a fishing arrow, but the arrow broke and the alligator fled back under the water. They said they tried a frog spear on the reptile when it resurfaced, but the tool was unable to penetrate the alligator's thick skin.

The teenagers said they left the scene and returned with a 120-gauge shotgun, which gave them the needed firepower to bring down the 150-pound gator.

It is pretty sure to say that this animal was raised by someone and got too big and was released, Indiana Conservation Officer Allan Clark said.

Being a cold-blooded animal, it is very unlikely an alligator could survive an Indiana winter in the wild, Clark said.

Clark said there were no violations in taking the animal because alligators are not listed as a game species in Indiana.