July 15, 2009

Ferrari test drive has writer in hot water

An automotive writer went twice the speed limit while test driving a Ferrari in Western Australia, endangering other test drives, a fellow reviewer says.

Reviewer Steve Lague said police impounded the Ferrari California used by motoring writer Rod Easdown in a recent test drive, which ended with cops citing the Financial Times writer for reckless driving, the Brisbane Times said.

Easdown was allegedly going 143 mph in a 68 mph zone during Monday's test drive.

He may have just put his foot down momentarily to see what the acceleration is like, Lague said of Easdown's citation. Five minutes later you're sitting on the side of the road being booked ... it can happen really quickly.

The speeding ticket involving the $472,000 sports car, one of only two in Australia, could make it difficult for other auto writers to test drive the Ferrari because of its busy schedule. But Lague is confident he will get his chance to get behind the wheel of the car owned by Ferrari dealer Ateco Automotive.

I'm sure Ferrari will try and look after us ... hopefully it's just a delay of a couple of days, Lague told the Times.