July 15, 2009

Arrested men enjoyed a smoke in squad car

Two handcuffed suspects managed to contort themselves enough to light up a cigar and a cigarette in the back of a squad car in Cincinnati, police allege.

Police said after being arrested on theft charges last week, Edward Humphrey and Melvin Barnes allegedly worked in tandem to extract the smoking goods from Barnes's pocket and light them, the Cincinnati Enquirer said Wednesday.

The two men, who stand accused of stealing tools from an area business, had previously been told they could not smoke inside the patrol car.

When confronted by one of the arresting officers, Barnes allegedly attempted to rationalize the impromptu smoking session.

All right look, we're already in trouble, Barnes was quoted as allegedly saying last Thursday. What do you expect?

I expect you to act like an adult and behave yourself. Not the way you are acting, the officer reportedly said in response. You cannot smoke in the back of a police car.

The Enquirer said the alleged smoking session resulted in both men being charged with disorderly conduct in addition to theft.