July 15, 2009

Farmer offers eggs for return of rocket

A Washington state farmer said he is offering a reward -- one dozen fresh eggs -- for the return of an 8-foot rocket stolen from his property.

Lance McNamara, whose family owns GopherBoy Egg Farms in Vancouver, Wash., said the rocket had been a fixture at the farm for nearly four years until it was stolen Sunday, KPTV, Portland, Ore., reported Wednesday.

McNamara said the rocket, built from a boiler tank, compressor motors and other recycled materials, had become a popular local landmark, and neighbors had dubbed his home The Rocket House.

The thieves were two men in a pickup truck, McNamara said Monday.

At 11 last night, two bad guys in a truck pulled up, put the rocket in the back of the truck, McNamara said. The nose fell off and made a ping-ping-ping sound, which alerted my wife, who looked out the window and saw the thieves driving away ... I'm not very happy.

McNamara said anyone who helps track down the rocket will earn his gratitude -- and a dozen fresh eggs from his farm.