July 12, 2005

Conn. wants to weed out marijuana-flavor candy

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Connecticut on Tuesday joined a growing effort to weed out marijuana-flavored candy from store shelves when its attorney general said he would sponsor a statewide ban on "Pot Suckers" lollipops.

The green candy flavored with hemp oil has been showing up in novelty stores in large malls throughout the state, marketed with slogans such as "Every lick is like taking a hit."

The lollipops do not contain THC, the hallucinogenic compound in marijuana, but Attorney General Richard Blumenthal called the candy "a gateway product" that "glamorizes drugs for children."

The candy has been banned by the Chicago City Council and in Suffolk County, New York. The New York City Council and the states of Michigan, New Jersey and Georgia are considering legislation to ban them.

No comment was available from the Trenton, New Jersey, company ICUP that markets the candy. It has previously defended the product as intended for an adult audience and said it planned a hemp-flavored chocolate candy called Buzz Bar.

Other marijuana-flavored candy products have found their way to the market place in recent months including "Kronic Kandy," made in the Netherlands and sold in the Atlanta area, and items from the Mary Jane Candy Company including "Ganja Pops" and "Icky Sticky Nuggets."